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Responsive websites

With high SEO, WCAG and OG standards. UX, design, development, implementation, maintenance.

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PHP, Python, JavaScript, React, VUE - based on frameworks and custom solutions.

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Contest apps

Concept, design, implementation, maintenance 360°, RODO.

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Artificial Intelligence

Programming mechanisms using artificial intelligence.

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Internet games

Playability concept, graphic design, software, implementation and care.

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Responsive reliable and effective mailings with monitoring of user activities. Advanced code generation and graphic optimisation mechanisms.

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Internet advertising

Banners, top layers, landing pages, non-standard forms of advertising, involving users.

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Social media

Creation of graphics and short video forms tailored to individual social media.

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Analysis and reporting

Website audits and analysis, user behaviour on the website. Reports and analysis of Google, Microsoft and Gemius statistics.


Aurora Academy

Graphical project and software engineering of an educational platform for doctors and pharmacists. The software allows for account registration of verified users and receiving personalized notifications about new events or tools.

Aurora Europe GmbH

International Poster Biennale in Warsaw

Software engineering based on a graphical project and programming a contest mechanism including registration of art pieces made by graphic designers and with a closed, on-line voting system for international jury.

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


Graphical project and programming of an online service of an independant energy distributor in Poland (DSO).

ENERCO Grid Sp. z o.o.

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We are a group of digital specialists creating modern solutions for the build, growth and maintenance of websites and web apps, advertisements, customer acquisition mechanisms, contest apps, games and social media activities.

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